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Phoenix Aerial Photography has been Nashville's premier aerial photographer since 1985. We cover the entire State of Tennessee, including Nashville, Memphis, Chatanooga, Knoxville and surrounding areas, plus we cover portions of the neighboring States.

In addition, through our partner network of affiliated aerial photographers, we can cover projects nationwide, and even worldwide!

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.

Member of the Professional Photographers of America, and the Professional Aerial Photographers Association.

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Paul Cardel - Owner

Paul Cardel is the owner of Phoenix Aerial Photography. He is an experienced photographer, and is dedicated to providing you, the client, with the best possible service.

Custom Services

Phoenix Aerial Photography: Tennessee's Custom & Stock Aerial Photographer since 1985

Aerial Photography

Phoenix Aerial Photography provides custom aerial photography services to meet your needs. Since 1985, we have been Nashville's premier aerial photographer, providing the best quality images and customer service in and around Tennessee.

Our aerial images will help you with site planning, construction progress, and with the management and marketing of your properties. And, of course, an aerial architectural portrait looks extremely impressive on brochures and reports, not to mention on the wall of your reception area!

Ask about our custom aerial video service!

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Architectural / Commercial

For large properties, such as industrial plants, warehouses, factories, and commercial centers, an aerial photograph can be an essential marketing tool.

There is simply no better way to show a property and surrounding area to such advantage.

Facilities management, too, will find aerial images make invaluable aids for planning and maintenance work. Expansion plans will be greatly assisted by a set of aerial photographs before, during, and after construction.

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Progress Photography

Most clients request Oblique views of their property.

This may be a high level wide angle shot, showing the property in relation to the surrounding area, or a low level close-up shot, showing off an individual building to advantage.

A Vertical view can also be extremely helpful for indicating boundaries, access routes, or as a planning aid.

And for a complete portrait of your property, include an on-site shoot for the Ground view.

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Our Products

Phoenix Aerial Photography provides your images in the format you need!


Your custom site photography with all images burned to go.

Our DigiPaks come with all images of your site, ready to use, with copyright included.

Plenty images to choose from - use as you wish - for internet or print.


A mosaic is two or more frames of vertical photography stitched together.

This allows us to show a wider area, such as urban areas, agricultural land or rivers and dams.

Get your point across quickly - large areas easily viewed.

Custom Graphics

All digital format images can be enhanced with custom graphics, such as your company logo, boundary lines, street names, highway signs and local landmarks.

For commercial locations, pinpoint stores by name and/or logo. Outline the site in question. Make clear the business benefits of that location. Great for presentations and brochures!


Your selected images printed at the size of your choice.


Murals are extra large format prints, mounted and laminated for easy display.

Aerial Maps

We can provide stock and custom designed aerial image maps. Contact us for details